Wikipedia launches US edition of historic site photo contest


Wikipedia announced the US edition of its international photography competition which invites its community to document and preserve historic sites around the world called Wiki Loves Monuments.

The 2021 competition for the United States is live until the end of October, where entrants are invited to capture any protected historic site recognized by a government agency or other organization as a local or national historic society. For the United States, interested parties can use the National Register of Historic Places as a good starting point to find applicable locations. This list contains the official United States federal government listing of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects that are deemed “worthy of preservation for their historical significance.” The competition will also accept locations and sites recognized by tribal, state and local governments.

Photographers participating in the competition will not only help document and preserve the world around them, but will also compete for a chance to win one of the organization’s ten cash prizes. Prizes range from $ 500 for first place, $ 350 for second place, $ 200 for third place and $ 50 for fourth through tenth place winners. Each winning entry will also receive a certificate and be submitted to the international competition for additional chances of prize and notoriety.

“WLM is for everyone! If you’ve ever wondered how to start giving back to the wealth of Wikipedia knowledge we all use on a daily basis, this is a great way to start. Anyone can enter the competition by submitting a photograph of a nationally registered monument to Wikimedia Commons, following the instructions for each country, ”writes the organization. “You can participate in as many national competitions as you want. National and international winning entries in WLM normally benefit from exposure by making national and international headlines.

Wikipedia also wants to remind competitors if they are going to photograph these places, to make sure to take the necessary health precautions and to follow the advice of national and local authorities regarding Covid-19, as well as any local laws for access to areas.

Photos entered in the contest must be captured by the person participating, contain no digital manipulation to “fool the viewer” such as sky replacement or composition, and photographers must post the photos under a free license that allows reuse of image licensed under CC BY-SA.

The evaluation of the competition will take place from the end of October to November 2021 by a national jury with training in art, photography and history. Winners will be announced shortly after judging ends in November.

Image credits: Header photo by Steve Ferro, CC BY-SA 4.0.

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