The Red Hood Logo is a Huge Tactical Mistake (With a Hidden Meaning)

Red Hood’s logo inextricably ties his character to The Dark Knight of Gotham City, but maybe it’s time for Jason to finally rethink his branding!

The various members of the Bat-Family share an obvious visual motif as they fight crime on the streets of Gotham City, but for one hero, Jason Todd aka Red Riding Hoodwearing a giant red bat symbol on his chest not only has a hidden meaning, but goes beyond it in a way that practically becomes a weakness.

A tactical error brought to the attention of readers in 2016 Red Hood and the Outlaws series, the third and fifth issues, written by Scott Lobdell and drawn by Dexter Soy, see Red Hood cross paths with the ruthless Batman villain named Black Mask. Undercover with this Gotham villain to stop Black Mask from using a newly born Superman clone to enact his evil agenda, Red Hood’s choice in costume logos is unexpectedly brought to the fore in a way that fans might have initially glossed over.


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As seen in Red Riding Hood and the Outlaws #3 during a scene where an undercover Jason is having dinner with Black Mask, Jason is asked about the emblem on his chest and whether or not he has any ties to Batman. Then in Red Riding Hood and the Outlaws #5Jason has Black Mask on the ropes, with Black Mask recalling their dinner conversation, revealing a hidden meaning behind why Red Hood uses the bat symbol in the first place.

Black Mask calls Red Hood for logo choice

While talking about food, Jason tells Black Mask that the only reason he wears the bat symbol is because he likes to “pull the guy’s wings”, an answer that Black Mask is suspicious of but accepts for the sake of it. moment. But after Red Hood’s true allegiance is revealed, Black Mask argues that despite Jason’s earlier answer, Jason wears the bat symbol because it’s a “leash” to keep Jason “tethered” to Batman. , making him not an “outlaw” but a “wandering kid looking for your father’s love,” giving fans two clear examples of why Red Hood sporting a bat logo mouse is a tactical mistake as well as a nod to his family ties.

While the continued use of the Bat emblem is an obvious exercise in corporate synergy to keep Jason Todd connected to Batman (at least in the real world), in the DC Universe, Jason’s enemies don’t know his origin or his connections to other characters – i.e. the people he loves, the lines he won’t cross, and the allegiances he holds – make his choice by using that specific head-scratching logo, to say the least, especially when he’s undercover. Plus, with Black Mask calling Jason later, the hidden idea of ​​Jason projecting his dad’s issues for all to see and potentially exploiting, it all comes down to a logo design that might cause more trouble than it does. ‘worth it.

Red Hood has changed his logo more than once over the years, but by tying himself inextricably to the shadow of the bat, he inadvertently gives his enemies an idea of ​​what he is, as he wears also his broken heart on his sleeve – or rather his chest – for all to see. It could be incredibly stupid to Red Riding Hood to offer his dealings with the Bats uninvited, but at least when most villains see a vigilante who’s part of the Bat-Family coming their way, they head for the hills.

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