NFT with a mission – HUSL aims to help thousands of people break free from their 9-5 jobs!

From homeless to co-founder of several companies, Jonathan Bodnar created HUSL in an attempt to provide financial freedom to the masses!

HOUSTON, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Jonathan Bodnar from HUSL NFT is thrilled to offer an escape from the 9-5 lifestyle with the HUSL NFT. The project includes 5,000 online businesses fully developed, automated and sold as NFTs! HUSL’s primary goal is for every business to generate ongoing residual income for thousands of people.

Driven by a passion to have a positive impact on the world, Jonathan wants to make financial freedom a reality with HUSL. That’s why every NFT will give you access to a business management dashboard that lets you allocate and pay ad spend, manage customer relationships, grow your SEO and organic marketing, and buy. tailored services for your new business.

Each business also comes with essential ingredients for success, such as: a pre-built brand, carefully selected marketing materials, and ready-to-use advertisements hand-crafted by Apollo Eleven’s growth experts. The user experience is designed to be simple and seamless for every NFT owner.

To fund the vision, HUSL is releasing 1,000 minted Founder Cards as NFTs. Each Founder Card will be eligible to collect staking rewards generated from transactions within the HUSL ecosystem; including NFT sales, ad spend managed, and revenue from all 5,000 businesses. Founders Cards come with day one perks like a trade academy, automatic whitelisting, and dollar-for-dollar rebate on minting any of 5,000 businesses!

To prove the value of what we offer to the HUSL community, we will develop one of 5,000 businesses to $10,000 into recurring monthly revenue, in front of the entire Discord community, using the same tools and resources that will be available to you after the mint. Then we’ll just give it away. Discover #business-giveaway in HUSL Discord for more information!

These businesses will be built to help individuals find freedom, support their families, and help those around them all at once! HUSL strives to transform clients’ lives from that of a 9-5 to a life of freedom and positive social impact. We believe the best way to find wealth is to give it away.

About Jonathan Bodnar

Jonathan was homeless eleven years ago, but he had a desire to go to theological college. He searched online for the best way to make money online (at the time), the first skill listed was web design. So, like many entrepreneurs, he taught himself the necessary skills and eventually launched his first web design business.

Prior to HUSL, Bodnar also created “Apollo Eleven”, a marketing and software development agency that grew brands 10x in 90 days! Additionally, he has built and marketed SAAS products in 15 industries.

To date, Bodnar has built and sold multi-million dollar businesses. His goal is to create impact with everything he does, which is why all of his businesses donate 10% of their gross revenue.

He is now passionate about bringing his knowledge and passion for positive social impact to the NFT world with HUSL NFT.

About HUSL

HUSL is about impact. Our mission is to free thousands of people from their 9-5 into a life of freedom and impact. We believe the best way to find wealth is to give it away.

HUSL is building 5,000 fully automated online businesses packaged and sold as NFTs. Each HUSL business will come with pre-made branding, ready-to-use marketing materials and ads, hand-crafted by our growth experts. These businesses will be built to help you buy your freedom, support your family, and help those around you.

Each NFT will give you access to your business management dashboard which will allow you to pay ad spend, manage clients, grow your SEO and organic marketing, or purchase tailored services for your new business.

HUSL is changing lives daily through our NFT offerings, community raised funds for various charities and 10% of revenue going directly to non-profit organizations. Participate in the constant evolution of online businesses, make a difference and build a future you never thought possible! Be part of the HUSL!

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