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The best shopping software provides a seamless online shopping experience for customers, allowing them to order and pay for items hassle-free right from your website. Shopping software is therefore necessary when it comes to selling online and is often a shorthand term for an e-commerce platform. but, there is a no. of key options you can create: configure everything yourself or pay for an out-of-the-box solution. If you want to set up your own shopping software, you’ll need e-commerce web hosting to support your shopping website and be sure to add a credit card processing option for payments in line.

This is not essential as difficult as it may seem if you already have problems with using online websites and servers. but it is almost certain that many people will prefer an out-of-the-box solution where everything is already provided. The positive, of course, is that everything is already set up for you to use. The trade-off, of course, is that it will definitely cost you more in the long run than running your own site. Still, out-of-the-box solutions are a better way to try e-commerce in the first place, without much monetary outlay or risk.

The Best Shopping Software for Windows 11/10


Woocommerce is a free shopping cart plugin for WordPress, which allows you to install a fully functional e-commerce site on any WordPress installation. Setup simply involves installing the plugin directly through WordPress, but while you can configure products and shipping rates, along with shopping categories and most basic functionality, you’ll also need to install additional plugins to provide full functionality. .

Many of them are available directly from the Woocommerce website, although others may be sold on third-party websites. There is a wide range of plugins available, including payment processors such as Paypal, Sagepay and Stripe, as well as a wide selection of others to add different levels of functionality to your store.

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It’s a powerful shopping cart solution with more built-in features than you’ll find from any other competitor. Complex platform that can take a few days to get started with. It’s a versatile shopping cart solution that lets you scale with the size of your business.

There are several shopping cart solutions with similar annual and monthly fees when using a promotional code. Values ​​change drastically without a promo code. Rates (with promotion) range from $9.50 to $114.50.


Signing up for a Shift4Shop store is easy. First, the service asks for the name of your store and the types of products you plan to sell. This translates into a small list of pre-made themes to get you started. Then you enter your name, address, email address and phone number.

After that, the process crashed for us, saying a site had been created, but didn’t redirect us to the new page. A little speed bump there. Replicating the signup process with a new email account (since the other one was now listed as taken) brought us to the dashboard.


PinnacleCart is a leading hosted eCommerce software platform that provides a robust all-inclusive online store builder that allows you to custom design an online store, manage product catalogs, create marketing campaigns, collect web analytics and more. more.

PinnacleCart also caters to international customers as it supports multiple languages ​​and currencies. They offer free migration from over 40 different shopping carts, as well as design and SEO services. Try Pinnacle free for 14 days, with no fees or credit cards. PinnacleCart’s cheapest eCommerce software package is $19.99 per month.


AbanteCart is unique in that it’s free and open source, it’s also quite accessible to those of us who get hives from editing code. It is entirely possible for a user with little or no coding experience to set up and use this shopping cart. Of course, such a code newbie would be limited to the themes and features available in AbanteCart Core and AbanteCart Marketplace. Either way, it would still be a viable solution.

In the past, AbanteCart offered a custom demo to test the software. By providing your name and email address, you will receive an email with a link to your cloud trial pre-installed through A2 Hosting. AbanteCart is completely free to download and use. You only have to pay for the hosting, security certificates and plugins you choose to use.

CS Trolley

CS-Cart is fully licensed, self-hosted, open-source software that comes in three forms: a shopping cart software called CS-Cart B2C that allows users to create their own online store; CS Cart B2B, aimed at manufacturers and wholesalers; and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, a B2B and B2C solution that can be used to create a new online marketplace with potentially hundreds of vendors.

CS-Cart B2C comes with advanced features (the website claims 500 eCommerce features are already loaded) which you can use to become a highly personalized online store. With unlimited products, unlimited categories, and unlimited variations, you’ll be able to sell just about anything online.


PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform using an open source or self-hosted option. This means that you can download it and modify it as you wish. PrestaShop recently introduced the PrestaShop Ready version, which is its software as a service (SaaS) or a hosted option. However, unlike the open source version, this option limits your access to code needed for customization, but is easier to use.

PrestaShop offers an intuitive product creation area where you can list as many products as you want to sell. You can also configure features to display expiration dates for urgent products. You can also sell downloadable products using PrestaShop.


One thing to remember about X-Cart’s self-hosted software: you are responsible for purchasing from X-Cart (or a third-party provider) everything you need to set up VPS web hosting (shared hosting recommended), purchase and install an SSL Certificate, connect to a payment gateway and integrate additional services.

This could be more work than you are ready to take on. If you’re not used to setting up your own website software, you might consider hiring a developer or designer to help you get it up and running. X-Cart’s pricing system needs a bit of explanation. X-Cart 5 Business and X-Cart 4 Classic are similar to Magento in that you download the software and install it on your server.


ShopWired is the UK’s leading e-commerce platform that allows merchants to create, launch and grow their online store with the tools we offer. Using ShopWired, merchants can create beautiful storefronts, sell across multiple sales channels (web, mobile, social media, marketplaces, and pop-up stores).

With our powerful management system, merchants can manage all aspects of their online business, access powerful reports to improve marketing and profitability to build and grow a successful business. ShopWired powers thousands of stores across the UK, US and Europe, including global brands like Superdrug, Wowcher, The Spectator Magazine and many more.


Ecwid lets you add a shopping cart to any existing website through the use of a widget, which is great for businesses looking to develop a blog or informational site to sell products online. . You can use the product to sell on multiple websites or social networks while managing sales and setup from one location.

Ecwid offers a Forever Free plan, ideal for entrepreneurs who sell up to 10 products or those who just want to test the interface of an online store. Prices range from a free site available for those with minimal needs to $100 per month for unlimited products, services, and support.

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