Best free games on Android with GeForce Now [Video]


Playing on the go is easier than ever and with joystick support as well as cloud-based gaming services like NVIDIA GeForce Now, you can play some of the best free titles on your Android phone without ever needing to. ‘a dedicated gaming PC at home.

To celebrate the launch of Fortnite Season 8, one of the biggest and best free-to-play titles, we’ve dived into some of the best video games you can play online with or without friends and you haven’t need to spend a dime.

PC Games has hundreds of completely free games that you can enjoy on your smartphone with the help of NVIDIA GeForce Now and there are some of our favorites. The biggest bonus is that all of them are compatible with controllers, allowing you to play on the go with a bluetooth or connected gamepad:

Pixel art, check it out. Side scrolling, check. Free-to-play, check. Merging a few genres into a complex game that has a lot of charm is a triumph in Kingdom: Classic. This is a 2D side-scrolling strategy / resource management hybrid that allows you to take control of a king or queen and run a kingdom with a gradual difficulty curve as you go. the challenges present your new company.

We are of the opinion that Crossout could be one of the best free games that a lot of people have never played. It’s actually a post-apocalyptic vehicle combat MMO that looks a lot like Mad Max or at least reminds us a lot of the movie universe thanks to the scalability of your car and crash physics.

Not all games have to include action-based action and The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a great storytelling experience following on from 9-year-old Chris taking about an hour or two to play from start to finish. the end.

The game takes place in the universe of Life is Strange and touches on a few topics not often associated with video games. It’s engaging, easy to play, and a completely free single player experience that is well worth your time.

An incredible new 2D battle royale that looks completely different from almost every other third-person shooter – and not just because of the art style. The best thing is the laid back aspect, which makes Super Animal Royale feel less “grind” than many other titles in the genre.

The combat is fast and frantic with up to 64 players competing against each other. There is a certain charm to the cute characters and the abandoned safari park setting that are worth watching for longer.

A throwback to 2D fighting games from the early to mid-90s, Brawhalla is a good addition to the hugely popular Super Smash Bros and similar titles. The combat mechanics will be instantly obvious to anyone who’s played Smash Bros., but there are some mechanics of interest that tweak things and make Brawlhalla feel fresh.

There is a huge roster of characters to play with. All with their own strengths and weaknesses, but the artistry and smooth 60fps framerate massively helps this side-scrolling fighter against more illustrious opponents.

You can try GeForce NOW here and come back every week for GFN Thursday – NVIDIA’s weekly celebration of the latest games, features and news, streaming from the cloud to all your devices with many more controller-friendly games rolled out in the months. future.

Let us know what you think of the best free PC games – or just your personal favorites – in the comments section below.

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