Allan Hancock College Receives Marketing Awards


Staff at Allan Hancock College hold recent awards from the Community College Public Relations Organization.

Allan Hancock College’s public affairs and communications department and campus graphics department received seven state community college public relations organization awards.

The departments of Santa Maria College received the awards at the organization’s annual public relations ceremony, held virtually in May.

The accolades include first place awards for Short Promotional Video, Best Logo Design, Best Magazine, and Best Promotional Campaign.

The department also won second and third place awards in the areas of local application of a statewide campaign, promotional campaign and novelty advertising.

“With most of our students having taken distance education in the past year, being able to reach them in engaging and creative ways has never been more important,” said Lauren Milbourne, Director of Public Affairs and Communications at Hancock , in a press release. “I am incredibly proud of the work we have done to continue to provide our students and our community with important information and encouragement during a difficult time.”

Several of the top prizes were tied to Hancock’s centennial celebration, including a short promotional video for the opening of the college’s time capsule featuring the college’s mascot Spike, a wine label designed for a special sparkling wine. centenary made by the college cellar and viticulture. students and the overall promotional campaign for the centennial celebration itself, which ran throughout the 2020 school year.

The college’s annual magazine, “Community News,” won the top prize. The 2021 issue of the magazine focused on how the college and its students have responded to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This magazine definitely serves as an appropriate commemorative coin that recognizes what Allan Hancock College has accomplished during the pandemic,” wrote one of the contest judges.

The departments also received second place for the “Protect. The respect. Wear your mask ”and“ #YouGotThisAHC ”.

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